Shipping & Delivery

Turnaround Times

There are a number of products on our website that are made to order with turn around times.

If you product has a signifcant turnaround time this will be listed on the product description, and you will have to tick a box acknowledging this. Below you can see what this box looks like;

The brands with turnaround times include;
- Royal Sports (4-6 weeks)
- Perri's Leather (4-5 weeks)

- HY Aparel (1-2 weeks)

-Montar apparel (3-4 weeks)

- PS Of Sweden - Bridles (1-3 weeks )


For all other products we can generally ship out within 1-2 business days if your item is in stock. Please keep in mind some products can take 1-2 weeks and this includes some PS Of Sweden, LeMieux, Lorina and Champion products if we do not have in stock at time of purchase.

If you purchase a product and need it by a particular date, express posted etc please email us at and we will advise if we can meet your date deadline.


International Orders

Please allow an additional 5 working days on top of the suggested turn around times for all international orders.

Tracking vs. no tracking: We understand that international postage costs can be expensive, so we give our international customers the ability to pay for either.

Please note however: If you have selected not to have tracking on your parcel we cannot assist with any tracking updates, or turnaround times once it has left our shop. If in the unlikely event an untracked parcel does not turn up there is not alot we can do and this is a risk the customer is willing to take when paying for this service.


How do you know if your order has been posted?

We understand it can be a painful wait for your new gear, so we try our best to ensure you’re kept in the loop when it comes to your order.

You will receive a number of emails confirming the status of your order, so be sure to keep an eye on your spam as sometimes these updates go missing.

You can expect the following emails;

  1. an automated email with your order receipt & number
  2. An email shortly after confirming that we have placed your order with the manufacturer and confirming the approximate ETA date
  3. Once the items are shipped to us from overseas we will send out an email advising of a more accurate ETA
  4. An email with your tracking details once we have posted them

If you have any enquiries about your delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us at