Royal Leather Jumping Stirrups Leathers

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4-6 weeks Manufacturing process for all Royal custom orders.

Say goodbye to Traditional Stirrup Leathers that often twist and overlap against the saddle flap. Our Wide Jumping Stirrup Leathers redefine this norm. By widening the top layer, we have ensured no twisting or overlapping, offering unmatched stability to your ride.

Our Wide Stability Stirrup Leather is specially designed with a wide center section. This unique feature ensures that your lower leg stays rock-solid during every movement, giving you a stronger grip during jumping.

Riders often experience an immediate improvement in their riding posture and stability when they use our Wide Stirrup Leather. It's like having a dependable anchor for your lower legs.

The wide leather grips on the legs & keep them securely in place, preventing unwanted movement. You can trust that your leg position will remain firm and stable, even during challenging jumps.

Thoughtfully included flat buckles prevent any bulkiness under the saddle flap. This means a smoother and more comfortable riding experience for you and your horse.

With 18 numbered holes, our Wide Stirrup Leather accommodates riders of all sizes. Finding the perfect fit is easy, ensuring that you can ride with confidence and comfort.

Upgrade your stirrup leathers collection with our Wide Stirrup Leather today and experience the difference for yourself!