The 'Luna' Anatomic Dressage Bridle

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4-6 weeks Manufacturing process for all Royal custom orders.

Specifically adapted to the horse’s anatomy it has an Anti-Pressure Crownpiece. The crownpiece substantially reduces the pressure from all of the sensitive areas around your horse’s cheekbone, neck, and head. This in turn considerably enhances the comfort of your horse.

The discreet padding at the browband and noseband further enhances the horse’s comfort. Not to mention the fancy stitching that just delivers style to suit both everyday use and showing purposes.

Our new Anatomic Dressage noseband is wider in the middle ensuring even pressure distribution over the nose bridge. The noseband's excellent padding enhances comfort during rides, providing a relaxing experience for your equine companion. Its stylishly raised centre adds an elegant touch, complementing the overall look of the bridle and reflects attention to both function and aesthetics.