The Willow Bridle

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4-6 weeks Manufacturing process for all Royal custom orders.

this bridle combines both functionalities as well as a sporty design.

Specifically adapted to the horse’s anatomy it has an Anti-Pressure Crownpiece and Noseband. The crownpiece substantially reduces the pressure from all of the sensitive areas around your horse’s cheekbone, neck, and head. This in turn considerably enhances the comfort of your horse.

The contrast padding at the browband and noseband, further enhance the horse’s comfort. 

Smoothly finished and curved with special polish & lacquered on premium quality buckles for long-lasting results.

Soft yet strong rubber reins with martingale stoppers will not move out from the comfort grip of the user's hands.

The bridle in all is just a work of art. The waves and curves on it will just make your horse look like none other at your horseshow and make it stand apart from the crowd.